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The Benefits of a PET/CT Scan for Cancer Diagnosis

A PET or CT scan can be used on all parts of the body to provide both anatomical and functional information to your doctor. Receiving the PET/CT scan is painless; however you may be required to have a small injection prior to your scan depending on your unique needs which might sting a little. PET scans are commonly used to view the function of your organs and tissues, while a CT scan can tell your doctor if any of your organs are enlarged or misshapen. Combining the two scans assists your doctor in making a more accurate diagnosis to help you back on the road to health.

PET/CT Scan and Brain Function

The brain is such a remarkable organ. Providing a way for your doctor to quickly and thoroughly view your brain function or any diseases that may be affecting it is a major benefit of the scan. For people who are experiencing symptoms that may lead their doctor to suspect there is a brain tumor, a scan can take away the guesses and provide a definite answer on whether or not a tumor is present. For those already undergoing treatment, the scan can reassure both you and your doctor the treatments are working – or it can let them know the treatment must be adjusted.

Finding and Diagnosing Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Metastatic prostate cancer can be a difficult disease to image due to it being localized to bone. Using a PET scan specifically for prostate imaging can provide a remarkable tool for proper diagnosis as well as making sure treatment is getting to the disease. In many cases, this is the only way for doctors to accurately track the disease and to be sure the patient is receiving the best possible treatment.

Benefits and Side-Effects to the Scans

These scans are a non-invasive diagnostic tool your doctor may decide to use in place of a painful biopsy. Being able to see your organ function and bone structure quickly and easily lets both you and your doctor know if the treatments are working, or if the disease has spread and a new treatment plan needs to be made. An early warning system can make a world of difference in many cases. Side effects are extremely minimal and even non-existent in these scans. Your doctor can give you specific information on any side effects you may experience should you require any injections prior to the scan.

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