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The benefits of a burglar alarm system

Now that you have purchased your dream home and decorated it to your own standard, it may be the opportune time to consider a home security system so that all your treasures remain yours. There is no doubt that taking effective precautions prior to any sad event is the thing to do. Burglar alarms in Petersfield are definitely one of the cores of a well designed security set-up, but there are other practices that you should consider as well.

It may not be necessary to arm every possible access point in your home. Upper floor windows that are next to impossible to reach are not all that important and by not installing sensors on these windows you will save money. However, ground floor doors and windows should certainly be protected from unwanted entry.

Installing burglar alarms in Petersfield can be done by a competent DIYer but if you have any doubts then its best to contract the installation. In most instances, if you do arrange for installation this will be done by technicians from the same firm that the equipment comes from. Assuming that you feel up to the task, the first decision is where to install the control panel. Usually the panel is installed close to a door and preferably in a closet or cupboard, you do not want it accessible should a burglar attempt a smash and grab attack on your home. Once the panel is installed it must be programmed with an arming and disarming code that only you and other responsible family members are privy to.

The components of burglar alarms in Petersfield can be installed both inside the home and outside. Normally the inside of the home is secured with door and window sensors, glass break sensors and perhaps a motion sensor. Should any of these sensors be activated by an attempted break in, the alarm will be raised.

The components that are usually found outdoors are infra-red sensors. These sensors have a specific range and if anyone should enter their field, the alarm will be sounded. In many instances the sensors are integral with outdoor lighting which is also activated if the alarm is raised. Some years ago, outdoor sensors would often be set off when an animal strayed into the active field, this problem has been solved and today very few false alarms are raised.

When you are securing your property, do not forget the obvious. Make sure the locks are of a very high standard and install dead bolts as well. The dead bolt should be a square end and be long enough to set deep into the door frame. Also ensure that the locks on the windows provide secure closure.

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