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The Beauty of Timber Framing in Georgia

If you are planning on building a new home, it may have crossed your mind about what type of wood you will use to frame your home. There are many different types of wood that is used for framing a home and these can truly add to the beauty of your home. Timber Framing  gives a home an inviting country look and feel that is quickly becoming one of the best loved designs in home building.

If you decide to have a timber framed home built, planning it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Georgia Timber Framing provides building packages for all the various styles of homes they build. The potential homeowner needs only to choose the package that best suits their preferences for style, size, and price bracket for their home. Then it can be determined as to how the home will be built to best suit the needs of the homeowner.

There are various types of wood that can be used in a timber frame home. Among these are black cherry, oak, pine, fir, birch and hemlock. These types of wood are very strong and resilient. The stronger the wood, the more long lasting and durable the frame of the home will be.

Timber framing is also used in the building of other structures as well. This may include outbuildings, playhouses, or even home furniture. Adding in home furnishings made of timber provides even more of a warm, cozy feel to your home. The natural finish of the wood also matches perfectly to your timber framing.

Another great benefit of building a timber home is that it can actually help cut back on your monthly expenses. These homes can also be build with solar heat which can lower your heating costs substantially. The timber structure also helps to keep warm air in and cold air out during a chilly winter period. These homes can be built in a variety of sizes that can also give you more open space to enjoy. Smaller homes are basically as easy to heat and cool as some traditional outbuildings.Using Georgia timber framing services can be the perfect way to have a gorgeous new home that is easy on the budget.

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