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The Basics of Property Management in Medford

Property management is the control of various types of real estate assets.  If you are new to real estate, you may encounter an unfamiliar environment.  This will provide an overview and introduction of the basics that are involved with real estate management.

Property Management Agents

Duties and responsibilities may differ depending on the type of property managed and the type of contract the real estate agency has with the owner.  Property management requires specialized expertise and knowledge.  A skilled property manager in Medford should have plenty of education to get real estate investors increased revenues and high tenant retention rates.  These professionals should have continual training classes to stay up-to-date on the latest laws and regulation changes for the state they are located in.  Property managers should have great communication skills, and they should always provide exceptional customer service.

Roles of Property Managers

A very important role of a property manager is communication between the owner and the actual tenant.  Management companies provide a buffer for owners who desire to distance themselves from their tenants.  Property managers must routinely deal with evictions, tenant issues, maintenance and repairs, and other things that may come their way.  They should be current on all applicable State and Federal Fair Housing laws and practices.


The duties of a property manager can vary based on what type of real estate they are managing.  From apartment complexes to commercial and residential real estate, these professionals will have extensive duties that are specialized to the property type.  They are held accountable for their actions, so they need to ensure all of their bases are covered.  They will handle things such as collecting rent, tracking tenants, filling vacancies, screening tenants, and anything else involved with the real estate management process.  These professionals are worth their weight in gold, and property owners just cannot beat the services they provide.

Education and Requirements

There is actually no college degree required for property management jobs. People who have a college degree in a field such as finance, business administration, real estate, accounting, or public administration usually have more options than others.  Regardless of a person’s qualifications, they need to effectively communicate with people, and they should have solid writing and speaking skills to meet the needs of their valued clients.  Many real estate investors and property owners look for qualities such as good data analysis skills, creative strategy skills, and a good overall understanding of the real estate management process.

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