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The Allure of Wood Flooring

Is there anything better than tearing up the carpet to reveal a beautiful hardwood flooring underneath?  For the person that who just ripped the carpet up, there is not.  Hardwood floors are one of the most, if not the most, desirable type of floor covering.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the right type of flooring for you.  Consider both the positive and negatives associated with wood flooring before moving forward with your new floor installation.

The Bright Side of Hardwood Flooring
As you may expect with such a prized product, there are many advantages to hardwood floors.  First and foremost, these floors are durable.  Houses over one hundred years old could still have the original hardwood floors, and if they were properly maintained … one good cleaning and they’ll look as good as new.  Although these floors are expensive, they carry value by lasting a long time and increasing the overall value of your home.  Wood flooring San Antonio houses on the market will generally sell faster than carpeted homes.  These floors are easy to clean and easy to maintain, which make them an all-around solid floor.

The Dark Side of Hardwood Flooring
These floors are highly valued because they also come with a high price tag, and range from pricey to really expensive depending on which wood and finish you choose.  Installation is a big project that requires a subfloor, something that most homeowners leave to the professionals.  Wood floors are also noisy; they don’t muffle sound like carpet.  The day to day maintenance of this kind of flooring is easy, but the wear and tear will begin to show over the years.  The scratches can easily be removed by refinishing.  This can be done by the homeowner or professionals and only needs to be done on an as needed basis.

If you would like to upgrade your home with hardwood floors, or any other type of floor, rely on the professionals at Hicks Carpet One.  Browse www.hickscarpetone.com to learn more about this excellent company.

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