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The Advantages To Investing In A Paper Roll Saw

Pulp and paper companies are a unique industry with a range of different equipment and system needs. Producing massive rolls of paper for industrial applications, they often experience significant waste when ends of these rolls become damaged during storage or transport in the facility.

A simple way to solve this issue and to offer customers clean, undamaged rolls is to invest in a paper roll saw. There are different models and options available in these saws, but not all are as effective at handling small to large paper rolls and creating the clean, even cuts required.

Chainsaw Technology

An ideal method of designing an effective paper roll saw is to use an electric-powered chainsaw. This provides a highly effective cut, particularly when combined with a carbide-tipped chain. These cutting blade needs to be seven feet in length to cut through a 60-inch diameter paper roll.

The use a 15-horsepower motor provides all the power needed to cleanly cut through even the largest rolls of paper. This is not a speedy process, but with the top systems, even a 60-inch roll can be cut in approximately five minutes. Additionally, these systems can be designed with a hydraulic power unit on board to rotate the roll during cutting, providing a very smooth, even cut all the way through the roll. Some manufacturers even provide a vacuum system to pick up dust, which is a great feature if the paper roll saw is operated in confined spaces.

Mounted on a sub-base that can move to position the roll as needed in relation to the cutting bar makes it easy for the operator to complete a single cut end cut on a roll, to split rolls or to create slabs. Safety features should also be in place to protect the operator during use.

With the ability to trim up ends, create custom sizes of rolls and offer multiple standard roll sizes, these saws quickly pay for themselves in pulp and paper operations.

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