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The Advantages of Asphalt Paving Ferndale WA

Asphalt Paving Ferndale WA is the most popular of all paving materials today for several reasons. It is used in a variety of places, from roadways to commercial parking lots to driveways for residential homes. Here are some of the advantages of asphalt.

Ease of Travel

Asphalt paving makes it very easy to travel. Whether the vehicle is traveling just a few feet or many miles, asphalt paving provides a smooth surface that makes for an easy trip. The smoother the pavement is, the less fuel is used during navigation. Asphalt also has lower emissions that some other types of pavements.

The Quiet Factor

Asphalt is virtually silent. Most types of paving materials are louder than asphalt, and some common driveway or parking lot materials are far louder. For example, compare the noise made by driving in a gravel parking lot to the noise generated while driving through an asphalt parking lot. Sometimes, other paving materials can even be so loud that builders have to install costly silencing walls. This is simply not necessary with asphalt paving.

The Safety Record

Asphalt paving is one of the safest possible surfaces. Asphalt is extremely easy for vehicle tires to grip effectively, and this allows for a safe travel experience. While asphalt is smooth overall, the many tiny pebbles and sand particles allow for the highest safety levels. This can be especially relevant in bad weather, because the safe grip can prevent skidding.

Tougher Than it Looks

Many people are surprised to learn exactly how tough asphalt really is. Because of its high durability level, it is considered the number one choice for the majority of roads in the world. Asphalt material will not break down constantly, especially when it has been sealcoated to protect it from bad weather and other environmental damages. In most cases, an asphalt paved road or parking lot will require only occasional repairs as the pavement ages. Patch repairs may be needed every few years, and a total resurfacing is needed quite rarely in most cases. To learn more about local Paving Ferndale WA, talk to the professionals at Asphalt Industries today.

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