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Technologists Connect VoIP Devices to Standard PSTN and ISDN Voice Lines

When it comes to trying to implement voice-over-Internet protocol technology using actual phone numbers, many people have found that they often run into serious problems related to outside connections. It can be difficult to link VoIP phones in Canada to the country’s publicly switched telephone network. While integrated services digital network technology has been on the decline, many small business owners will also want to connect their phones to an ISDN line if they already have one in place.

That inspired a group of engineers who work on VoIP phones in Canada to figure out new ways to connect their devices together. By leveraging the power of existing central office infrastructure enhancements, these technologists have found that they can regularly get access to an outside line simply by requiring their internal users to dial a single digit. This is very similar to how people used to dial a 9 before they were able to call numbers outside of an organization.

While they were initially running tests only in large metro areas, it’s becoming easier for field technicians to install devices in a wider range of places. Small business owners who operate in rural provinces can invest in a VoIP phone without any concerns since they’re usually given the freedom to place long-distance toll calls at the same rate that they would have with any other conventional landline technology. In some cases, calls to other VoIP phones will bypass the PSTN altogether.

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