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Taking Care of Your Teeth

Your teeth are one of the things that contribute to a beautiful look. For this reason, there are dentists in Rice Lake WI who will see to it that you get the look you so desire and deserve. These experts help dental patients in the region by carrying out the practices and procedures below.

Typically these are customized shells that are bonded with the teeth. Normally they are used to improve the appearance of colored teeth. These come as either composite veneers which do not need a lot of time to prepare or porcelain veneers which are time consuming when it comes to their preparation.

These are metal wires that are inserted on the edge of the gum line. They are a perfect solution for crooked teeth which lead to irregular biting patterns. There are many types of braces today and hence you can choose one that you are comfortable with ranging from the traditional metal ones to the invisible ones (lingual). One thing you need to note with braces is that there is a limit in the texture of food you can eat. Very hard foods are not recommended.

Invisalign Rice Lake WI
This procedure serves as an alterative to the traditional metal braces. Patients who have had both braces and invisalign say that they are more comfortable with Invisalign as the material used in their making (resin) is very smooth and soft and so it does not cause irritation on cheeks. This is one of the advantages that this has over braces. Additionally, with Invisalign, you are in a position to eat even the hardest of foods.

Tooth whitening
This is simply tooth bleaching. It is used to correct stained or colored teeth. Dentists will more often than not recommend in-office as well as take- home bleaching products.

You can brighten your smile today and generally improve your look by having any of the procedures be it whitening, veneers or even Invisalign Rice Lake WI, depending with the condition of your teeth. To make a profound decision you should weigh the pros and cons of each and more to this consult with your dentist.

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