Taking a Closer Look at the Six Generations of Stock Car Models in Use Jan08


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Taking a Closer Look at the Six Generations of Stock Car Models in Use

Starting in 2013, custom gen 6 race cars became the most common vehicles used in championship cup-level races. These cars offered a degree of on track performance that was greater than nearly any other type of stock car, at least as far as horsepower was concerned. While the national sanctioning body has elected to move onto a new generation of vehicle, it’s likely that regional and enthusiast drivers are going to be driving custom gen 6 race cars for many years to come. Potential drivers have been looking back through history to see how the circuit got to this point.

First generation cars essentially consisted of whatever sort of vehicle a particular team could get access to at any given time. The on track performance of these cars was rather poor, but they were exciting to watch for many because they were usually little more than standard cars with a V8 engine under the hood. In fact, this is where the term stock car actually came from.

As time progressed, drivers started to adopt a successive four generations of vehicles that had shells that looked as though they were actually dealer cars in spite of the fact that they mounted engines that had more in common with those used by open-wheel roadsters. Interestingly enough, the original formula libre-style racing continued as part of the modified stock series so there’s a good chance that sixth generation cars will still be useful in this racing discipline for quite some time.

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