Take Your Family on a Fun Adventure to a Pumpkin Patch in Kansas City Mar04


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Take Your Family on a Fun Adventure to a Pumpkin Patch in Kansas City

During the fall season, there’s often a crisp feeling in the air. The sky tends to be a deeper blue, and the leaves change colors on the trees. This is usually a time when you can enjoy more activities outdoors with your family, such as visiting a pumpkin patch.

Pick of Pumpkins

When you arrive at a pumpkin patch, you’ll usually see a large field filled with pumpkins of all sizes. This kind of family fun destination in Kansas City allows you and your children to choose just the right pumpkin that you can take home to carve. Most patches also have an area where you can buy small pumpkins to take home to decorate the exterior or interior of your home.


A hayride is an adventure to consider when you visit a pumpkin patch as a family fun destination in Kansas City. You’ll usually be on the ride with other guests, so keep this in mind if you have children or if you want to visit as a large group. Some patches have towers of hay to climb on and mazes that are designed with hay bales.


There are several opportunities to take pictures at a pumpkin patch. You can use pumpkins as a backdrop or a few scarecrows. Some locations have cut-out images that you can stand behind to make it appear as though you’re wearing different clothes in the picture. If you have young children, you can visit the patch each year to take pictures in the same location so you can see how they grow from year to year.

Contact KC Pumpkin Patch for more information about what to expect when you visit.

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