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When to Take a Hamster to a Vet in Johns Creek

Hamsters are popular pocket pets. Anyone considering bringing home a hamster needs to expect to take the hamster to a Vet in Johns Creek or elsewhere sometime. Here’s how to know when to take a hamster to the vet.

Annual Check Up

Hamsters, like all pets, should undergo a check-up at least once a year. The vet will check condition of the skin, check for parasites and check the length of teeth. Hamsters, like all rodents, have teeth that grow continually. However, sometimes the teeth do not get worn down enough and they become too long. Unless they are trimmed by a vet the hamster will not be able to eat.


Hamsters are surprisingly tough creatures but can get into mischief which can result in cuts or broken bones. Hamsters need immediate care from a vet and sometimes medications like antibiotics to help fight infections caused by injuries.

Strange Growths

Hamsters can grow tumors that need to be checked and if necessary surgically removed. Symptoms of tumors on internal organs include diarrhea with or without blood, loss of appetite and sudden aversion to being touched or picked up. A stomach that seems tighter than usual when the hamster is off its feed is a sign to get the hamster to a Vet in Johns Creek or elsewhere right away.

Behavior Differences

Often a sick hamster will start acting different before any physical symptoms pop up. These behaviors a vet should check out include constant drinking, sleeping more than usual, a sudden cessation of cleaning itself or sitting hunched-up. Hamsters that usually are active and curious that suddenly are not interested in anything also need to see the vet.


Hamsters can be infested by internal or external parasites, which can quickly kill a hamster if left untreated. External Parasites like ear mites or skin mites can be treated with topical medications and sometime injections. Internal parasites like tapeworms or pinworms need treating with medications. Symptoms of internal parasites include diarrhea or constipation, sudden loss of weight, swollen abdomen, change of size or color of the rear end.

In Conclusion

Hamster owners need to take their furry friends to the vet at least once a year for check-ups. Any injuries or strange symptoms need to be looked at right away. Check out Ahnfc.com to make an appointment today.

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