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Success Or Failure Starts With The Brewery Brewhouse

If you are starting a brewery, the first consideration, after you have the financial wherewithal in place is your brewhouse. A brewery brewhouse contains all the vessels (equipment) necessary to produce and package your prized product. It is the heart of your production facility. It is where your dream of producing the perfect brew begins and ends. As such, it requires focusing on what and what will not work.

Choosing to Match Stages

You are probably dreaming big. However, it is important to bring in reality. When you purchase equipment, it is important they match your financial means. It is also imperative they reflect the current stage of development. As a beginner or a novice, it is not realistic to purchase equipment not complementary your current phase as a brewery. A brewhouse should include such basics as:

  • Fermenter
  • Bright Beer Tank
  • Filter
  • Hot Water
  • Lauter Tun
  • Malt Mill
  • Mash Tun
  • Packaging System
  • Tank Kettle

The choice of technology to operate the systems in your brewery brewhouse may be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. It depends upon how much money you can afford to outlay. For example, some small craft brewers cannot afford initially to purchase automatic keg cleaners. Instead, they utilize manual versions. Do be sure to include such things as customization in your budget.

This does not mean you should ignore the potential for growth. You need to select equipment that is compatible with future projections. This provides you with the ability to extend your systems to meet any increased growth patterns. You also should consider such factors as flexibility.

Choosing Your Brewery Brewhouse

When looking at building your dream brewery brewhouse, consider the factors essential to your company’s success. Everyone knows a good, quality product is vital. However, a brewery may fail if it does not take into consideration the needs to purchase equipment that reflects its current stage of development. Overextension is a sure path to oblivion.

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