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Streamlining Information With California Judge Analytics

Today, a business that is not using analytics and Big Data in decision making is a business that is not optimizing their resources, time and money. While companies across sectors may not realize they are using analytics, when they rely on forecast marketing, on predictions of prices and demand or even on the best times to runs sales, they are relying on analytics.

Until recently, the court system in California was not easily accessed for information on the various judges on the bench throughout the state. Today, thanks to the use of Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, software platforms are now available to provide this information with the simple click of a button.

Judge analytics are designed to take a very big picture look at how a judge rules in his or her court. In a very basic explanation, this system is able to take information from the court dockets and, using the artificial intelligence in the system, place it in specific databases on the platform. As the litigator makes inquiries into a specific area, the system creates graphs, charts, and percentages on that judge’s performance on actual cases he or she has ruled.

Searchable Information

In the past, litigators could get information on judges through laborious research through court records. Now, through the judicial analytics platform, the attorney simply enters the judge’s name and chooses the type of information he or she requires.

By understanding how the judge has ruled on past cases, it is possible to determine in advance if the judge is advantageous or problematic for the case. When the assigned judge has a high rate of ruling against specific types of motions, or in how they rule in the case, the litigator can request a judge in California be dismissed if he or she is not favorable to the case.

Using judicial analytics is a wise use of data. It eliminates the need to try to find out information on judges using unreliable methods or simply going by the judge’s reputation in legal circles.

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