Storage in Sandpoint, ID: Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Long-Term Storage Dec09


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Storage in Sandpoint, ID: Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Long-Term Storage

The time is approaching for you to start thinking about boat storage in Sandpoint ID to protect your boat. Once you get it, you want to make sure you prepare your boat for long-term storage, which is what this guide is going to help you do.

Oil Change

One important thing to keep in mind before putting your boat into boat storage in Sandpoint ID is that you’ll need an oil change. Sometimes, water or acids make their way into your oil. This isn’t a big deal when your boat is operational, but when it is not, the water and acids can begin to corrode your engine. This could be a costly mistake, so go ahead and drain your oil, and replace it with clean oil.

Fresh Coolant

Another problem you’d want to deal with is your coolant. This needs to be drained out and replaced with fresh coolant. What you are doing here is preventing corrosion, and you are even preventing engine damage that could be caused by a drop in temperature if you are storing it over the winter.

Drive Belts

Those drive belts within your boat need to be removed. Leaving them inside your engine means they will be under pressure for no reason. This pressure may end up causing cracks with enough time. You could be forced to replace your belts when you come back to your boat storage in Sandpoint, ID when you are ready to go boating again.

Town and Country Builders, Inc. has been working on storage buildings for a long time and know what it takes to make yours, so start working on yours with us when you’re ready.

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