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Stonewall Kitchen Foods: The Award-Winning Specialty Food Company

Stonewall Kitchen Foods is an award-winning food specialty maker of jams, spreads, baking mixes, meal starters, and gifts. In addition, they offer gift baskets, kitchenware, and kitchen accessories.

Just in time for Halloween, Stonewall Kitchen Foods offers this month ’s products of the month which are Ghost Pepper Salsa, Ghost Pepper Aioli, Ghost Pepper Jelly, and Ghost Pepper Queso.

Ghost peppers are not for the faint-of-heart! Made from one of the hottest peppers in the world, ghost peppers have Scoville heat units ranging from 855,000 to 1,041,427! Now that is hot!

Stonewall Kitchen Foods creative team must have been dreaming of ways to trick-or-treat customers when they came up with this idea!

Stonewall Kitchen Foods has more than just hot salsa. They are the leading specialty food producer in the U.S. Founded in 1991, two brothers started by selling jams and jellies at the local farmers’ markets and festivals. Over time they expanded their product line by adding sauces, dressing, and baking mixes. Today they sell to more than 6,000 wholesalers globally.

Stonewall Kitchen Foods is the recipient of 29 awards from the Specialty Food Association and a three-time recipient of the Outstanding Product Line Honors. Needless to say, they know how to make specialty foods.

In addition to their specialty foods, they also provide gift baskets for all occasions. You can choose between their delicious jams, jellies, pancake mixes, and other items. Or include several to give your recipient a variety to choose from. A homemade and attractive gift basket overflowing with tasty foods is a lovely way to introduce specialty foods to other people.

A pancake breakfast is also a big hit with everyone. Their pancake mix is a family favorite, and their blend will make both waffles and pancakes. Try topping it with syrups, jams, or fruit butter by Stonewall Kitchen Foods Products. You and your guest will enjoy it!

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