Stonecrafters Crafts Your Stone Counters in Merritt Island FL

Taking your home decor to the next level certainly includes one major feature, new granite counter tops. However, real granite can get very expensive. Luckily, many new engineered stone counter tops are just as beautiful, and sometimes even more durable, than those formed by nature. They are also usually far more affordable. That is why Stonecrafters is a company you should check out for all of your new counter top needs.

Stonecrafters is a leader in both natural and manufactured counter tops in granite, quartz, marble, and many other materials. We also feature sinks, vanities, and other fixtures in the same materials and designs. We are the leader in engineered countertops in Merritt Island, FL. Our team has the planning skills and knowledge to take your ideas from vision to reality.

Our engineered counter tops are made from the finest materials using a process that mostly just speeds up the actions of mother nature. They are durable, practical, and beautiful. They can be cut and customized to every application in your home, from the top of your bar to the vanity in your bathroom, with quality, colors, and patterns that completely match.

Being in the market for engineered countertops in Merritt Island, FL, means you will want to check us out online, or even better yet, come visit our amazing show room. There we have samples of all of our materials and designs, as well as the specialists who can help make your vision come true with minimal frustration and trouble. Visit for more details.

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