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The Steps Involved During Residential Siding Replacement In St Paul

The siding of a home is one of its first lines of defense from natural elements and helps to add beauty and character to a home. Though siding is designed to provide years of worry free protection, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced to ensure a home is safe from water and extreme temperature changes. Here is what a homeowner can expect during Residential Siding Replacement in St Paul and how it can help provide years of protection for a home.

Removal Of Old Siding

To begin, the company performing the project will remove the existing siding on the home. This will expose the exterior walls of the structure, allow them to identify any areas that are damaged, and may need to be replaced. If a home is older, it is the experts usually advise owners to install a wood sheathing on the surface of the house to provide additional temperature regulation and water protection.

Insulation Installation

Once the sheathing is in place, the contractor will then install a foam board insulation on the outside of the home. This will help add additional insulation qualities, which will come in handy during extreme hot and cold weather. It is important to choose the best, high-quality insulation a person’s budget will allow, as it will help make a home more comfortable.

New Siding Installation

Once the insulation has been installed, they will then begin the process of installing the new siding material. Vinyl siding is one of the quickest to install but does not provide the same visual benefits as cement and wood options. Some surfaces will need to be painted after installation to help create the best visual appearance and provide the greatest protection from water and other weather conditions.

Don’t let a home look old and dilapidated any longer when Residential Siding Replacement in St Paul can breathe new life into the most outdated siding products. The team at Builders and Remodelers Inc. has more than 15 years of experience helping homeowners keep their houses looking great and ready to stand up to the elements. Learn more about us and how we can give any home a renewed appearance.

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