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Steps for Hiring a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Worcester MA

Sexual harassment has become a fairly common occurrence in many different types of businesses. The harassing behavior can be committed in the form of verbal, physical or visual harassment. The sexual harassment does not have to come from someone of the opposite sex as many people believe. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a Sexual Harassment Attorney Worcester MA.

The Nature of the Harassment

Sexual harassment can include sexual innuendos, jokes, comments about clothes, looks or sexual acts, propositions or physically touching someone. These types of behaviors can create uneasiness in the workplace for the victim as well as other employees that have witnessed the behavior. The harasser may sometimes be in a position of power in the workplace and they may try to use this power to threaten the victim with losing their job or a demotion.

The Abuse Should be Reported

In most cases of sexual harassment, trying to ignore the problem will not make it go away. Many employers have ways for victims of sexual harassment to file a complaint with in the company so that it can be dealt with internally. If this does not produce satisfactory results the victim will need to file a complaint with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also known as the EEOC.

When Reporting Does not Work

After reporting the sexual harassment to the company and the EEOC, it may be necessary to contact an attorney like The Law Offices of Michael O. Shea. The sexual harassment attorney will know the steps that will be required in order to stop from the harassment from continuing. Their familiarity with the discrimination laws that cover sexual harassment can open doors that can not normally be opened by an individual trying to take action without knowledge of the state laws.

The sexual harassment does not have to be reported by the primary victim, it can also be reported by other employees that have been adversely affected by the ongoing harassment. Employers can be proactive by offering training to employees about sexual harassment. These are some of the reasons that a victim would need to hire a Sexual Harassment Attorney Worcester MA.

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