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Stay Organized in Your Orange Coast Student Housing This Christmas

If you are celebrating Christmas in your OCC student housing this year, you want to keep your holiday essentials organized. It is easy to lose your gifts or wrapping supplies when you are balancing the holidays with school-related activities. Use the following tips to stay organized in your student housing this Christmas.

Separate Gifts into Containers

Start by separating your gifts into several totes or bins per person or household. This way, you can simply grab the designated tote or bin when it is time to exchange with your roommates, certain friends or visiting family. In addition, you want to label a gift as soon as it is wrapped to avoid confusion.

Purchase Postage in Advance

If you are planning to mail Christmas cards or gifts to out-of-town loved ones, consider purchasing your postage in advance. Place labels and stamps in a plastic container until it is time to head to the post office. You can also look into ordering flat-rate or free boxes from the post office for shipping gifts.

Organize Your Wrapping Supplies

Finally, you want to ensure your wrapping supplies are organized and in one place. There are various ways to organize your wrapping supplies, such as a rolling cart, garment bag or hanging organizer. Every item should be placed back in its designated spot when you are finished using it.

When you are ready to look into OCC student housing, check out The Harbour at Orange Coast College. You can find all the information you need on this student community by visiting their website.

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