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Starting Claims with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Ankeny, IA

In Iowa, workers’ compensation is provided to workers who are injured on the job. The findings of the claim should show that the employer is liable for the worker’s injuries. The accident must also occur while the worker is at the workplace or off-site locations where they perform job duties. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Ankeny, IA assists workers who were denied access to coverage.

Medical Assessments and Reports

After an accident, the employer must send the worker to a doctor for a complete examination. The doctor must determine the exact cause of the worker’s injuries and provide a proper diagnosis. A medical report is generated to present vital details about the worker’s condition to their employer. It also determines when the worker can return to work after their recovery.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

All workers who are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits receive a letter explaining when their coverage starts. The monetary benefits are based on eighty percent of the worker’s wages. The letter explains how often the worker receives the benefits and the full balance available to them.

Workers’ compensation also provides coverage for medical expenses. All invoices associated with medical treatment for injuries must be sent to the employer’s human resources department. The manager of the department sends all invoices to the insurer for coverage.

Denial of Coverage

The employer or insurer could deny access to coverage if the worker played a role in causing their injuries. Common company policies such as safety policies outline potential issues that cause accidents. Drug and alcohol policies also explain the repercussions of using drugs or consuming alcohol on the job. Drug and alcohol screenings are a part of the medical assessment. If the worker was noncompliant with safety policies, they could forfeit their rights to coverage.

In Iowa, workers’ compensation insurance is required for all employers who hire at least two workers. It pays the full medical expenses for injured workers and offers monetary benefits. The coverage is available for all necessary treatments and throughout the worker’s recovery period. Workers who want to review their options with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Ankeny, IA can browse our website right now.

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