Spousal Support Lawyers in Downers Grove Help With Temporary Arrangements

Long-term spousal support, also known as alimony, has become significantly less common over the years. Under certain circumstances, divorcing couples may come to an agreement about long-term support, or a judge might rule that one spouse must make regular payments to the other. More frequently, spousal support lawyers in Downers Grove work out a temporary payment arrangement.

Financial Stability

Temporary support can be extremely helpful for a recipient who needs time to become financially stable. When a couple divorces at a relatively young age, there may be little for asset division that would otherwise help in this regard. The recipient might pursue education or training to qualify for a skilled job and become self-sufficient.

Being a Homemaker

In other cases, one parent has been a homemaker while the couple raises children. The parents may want to continue this arrangement for now, perhaps until all the youngsters are in school full-time. Spousal support prevents more disruption in the children’s lives by allowing this individual to continue being a full-time parent.

Waiting for Social Security Benefits

Spousal support lawyers in Downers Grove can draft a legal agreement for an older divorcing couple as well. The two may agree on monthly payments until the recipient qualifies for Social Security retirement benefits if this is only a year or two away.

Time Frame

When the lawyers write the agreement to be documented with the court, they include a time frame. This would be the date the arrangement will end or be revisited. A common choice is to revisit spousal support annually if there is no definitive end date. Visit the website to learn about SBK Law Group.

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