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Speckled Trout a Favorite Among All

Speckled Trout are not actually members of the trout family as the average person may believe. Sport Anglers however know the difference! Speckled trout are also known as specks, spotted trout and sometimes mustard mouths but they are really members of the croaker family. They have spotted elongated bodies and two large canine teeth. The inside of their mouth is yellow. They are easy to identify. Speckled Trout average about 1 pound but can grow to a maximum size of 16 lbs.

What is interesting it that there are a couple of different groups of anglers that fish for them; The winter fishermen and the spring/summer fishermen. They are the most popular sport fish along the Texas coast. They are abundant to say the least and are eagerly grab at natural and artificial baits!

There are different ways to catch the Speckled Trout that will eventually be the primary ingredient in one of hundreds of Speckled trout recipes. Wade fishing is popular along with drift fishing. Drift fishing is relaxing in that you simply turn off the boat motor and drift. Some people surf, pier or jetty fish. Whatever your choice, the results can be thrilling and very satisfying! If you are a fishing enthusiast, you need to venture to the Gulf of Mexico, spent some time in Texas and savor some of the Speckled trout recipes.

Fishing trips and adventures are almost completely magical in Texas and places like the Bay Flats Lodge offer more than you can imagine. The sportsman is catered to but the family of the sportsman can find adventure as well. You don’t have to be a fisherman to appreciate and enjoy the catch of the day. You can be enthralled by the pristine beauty of the area or amused by the stories revolving around the catch of the day or of course, the one that got away! True adventure, superb fishing, first class lodging and an experience of a lifetime and of course some of the sought after recipes served on the dining tables! And yes, they are some of the utterly fantastic, truly scrumptious Speckled trout recipes!

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