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Somerville Tree Removal Service

For most of us, tree care is an afterthought. Trees just seem to grow and stay healthy for so long that we don’t think of having our trees pruned or cared for. And then one day you realize that the tree on your property may be a hazard, both to your safety and to the safety of property on your side of the fence and into your neighbors yard, too. That’s when you realize it’s time for tree removal service, because getting rid of a tree is not a small job.

Trees Create Shade, Soak up Water, and Improve House Values

Trees are one of the best ways to improve the value of your home and property. A nice big shade tree can keep your yard cooler in the summer and adds natural beauty in a place like Somerville. Trees also soak up water like big sponges, keeping your yarn from turning into a swamp when those big rain storms come through. The value that a tree adds is hard to ignore, and yet so many people don’t think about tree maintenance until it’s too late.

Tree Removal Service and Assessment

If you notice that a branch or part of a tree is not producing new leaves, that portion may be diseased or even dead. A dead branch can be a serious hazard, especially if ignored. One day that branch will just come crashing down, seemingly without warning. Of course, if you have regular tree maintenance and assessment, even once per year, your arborist will notice when a tree needs trimming and care.

Naturally, when a tree must be removed you’ll need tree removal service. But if you are savvy about tree care, you can avoid losing a tree altogether. Regularly scheduled assessments can help you to identify problems before it’s too late to save the whole tree. Tree cutting and trimming can be done to save most of the tree, the healthy parts, and then you can preserve the older trees in your yard.

Replacement is Always an Option

If you really need tree removal service in Somerville and you enjoyed having a nice shade tree in your yard, you can always replace the tree that has been removed with a new one. Of course, it will not be as stately and will not give as much shade as an older tree, but in time you will get the same benefits as you did from the tree that had to be removed.

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