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Some of the Greatest Features of Modern Trade Show Exhibits

Modern trade show exhibits are far superior to exhibits of the past. Today, only the highest quality exhibits will do when attempting to portray a brand in a professional light. To achieve this effect, most companies work with a manufacturer that specializes in producing exhibits of the highest quality possible.

The displays produced by these manufacturers may come with a variety of highly unique features too. For instance, many exhibits commonly incorporate a series of countertops and seating areas. These spaces give corporate presenters the opportunity to get comfortable with potential partners at trade shows in NYC. They also provide an excellent place for paperwork to be signed and for brochures to be browsed.

That’s not all though, because many presenters are going above and beyond the norm when designing and constructing their displays. Some companies have even elected to build two-story displays that are a real eye-catcher. Others have elected to install glass cases in their displays so that they may show off their wares in the most professional and secure way possible.

One feature in particular that marks the latest trend in the trade show booth market is the option of adding backlighting to a display. This accent lighting allows for the addition of colorful light displays to the traditional poster board backdrops commonly seen at trade shows in NYC. This provides a great way for brands to attract new customers in crowded convention centers by standing out from the competition.

Last, but not least, is the comfort of the seating provided within a trade show booth. It has traditionally been rather common for companies to require guests at their booths to remain standing throughout their visit. To encourage engagement with their brands, many companies are now choosing to add an assortment of comfortable seating options for potential customers to use. Comfortable seating arrangements added to a trade show booth can increase engagement with a brand by maximizing the amount of time potential customers remain inside a company’s booth.

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