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Software Features Of The New Exocad Dental CAD

The exocad Dental CAD supports dentists, orthodontists, and dental technicians to optimize performance tooth reconstruction, orthodontic study modeling operations, implant planning, etc. Its modular structure provides various license versions allowing dental companies to customize the program to serve various needs. The exocad Dental CAD software has various features, including open architecture and range integration solutions for milling machines, printers, and scanners. This is a great consideration for dental specialists and administrative staff.

Software Highlights

The new Exocad Dental CAD software has extensive functions and features for better productivity and accuracy.

Instant Anatomical Morphing

This new function allows teeth anatomy to adapt to each movement in real-time to revolutionize the designing process. This feature allows you to achieve your design goals faster and more accurately.

Parametric Shape Shifting

The parametric shape-shifting feature parameterizes any existing tooth library from deep fissures for younger anatomy and shallow feature, which are good for older anatomy. You could additionally apply a natural abrasion to the selected teeth.

Advanced Editing And Viewing Bridge Connector Tools

These tools are compatible with multiple connectors that can be changed simultaneously. This leads to a much more significant workflow for all situations. These include intraoral and model scans, jaw motion data, 3D face scans, patient photos, and DICOM files.

Improved Direction Of Insertion Control

The new user-integrated design improves digital interactions making them easier, intuitive, and fluid.

Increased Speeds

Productivity is key in intraoral operations, and cutting down on time is the best way to do this.Exocad Dental CADis a powerful software that is reliable and fast in processing high volumes of data.

Exocad Dental CAD has transformed dental technology, and by now, the massive software updates can greatly change how things work. These updates are faster and more productive, meaning more can be down within a short time. It cuts down on relying on other sections to obtain results. DentCore

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