Skills You Should List on TEFL Resumes to Increase the Chances of Employment

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Education

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When you were growing up your parents probably advised you to look for a job that you love doing and if you have a passion for teaching, you should really start working on TEFL resumes. The TEFL resumes you possess will affect your chances of getting the ideal job, therefore a lot of time must be devoted into making a resume as relevant and impressive as possible. If you are great at teaching English and have a love for this industry then you are an ideal candidate for an overseas teaching job. If you want to climb the ladder to success and get to the forefront of this special industry it is vital that you retain the following qualities and note them down on TEFL resumes.

Problem Solving and Project Planning

As a teacher you will need to create a scenario for the students and use this to teach them about whatever subject you are specializing in. Students will hold on to information better if it relates to a problem, which is why you need to be able to solve problems with ease. You should also be approachable because, after all, the student must feel confident enough to ask you questions if they are confused about something. Not only this, but your TEFL resumes should also detail your ability to plan projects. Did you learn about project planning in a previous role? If so, use these transferable skills to your advantage.

Communication and Marketing

You will have many duties as a teacher and this will involve a lot of communication. Make sure you note down communication as a key skill when you complete TEFL resumes, because this will attract more employers. Examples of some duties that require lots of communication include writing lesson plans, ice breaking skills, clear speaking and student project editing. Marketing is also a key skill that you must possess in order to gain employment as a TEFL teacher. These marketing skills will be required for local newspaper volunteer reporting and monthly feedback meetings.

Leadership and Management

Students need to trust you and see that you are a good leader, which is why your TEFL resumes must include information relating to your negotiating skills, your ability to coach students and teachers, and your ability to resolve conflict. In addition to this you should be able to manage parent-teacher interviews, bring a positive attitude to the workplace and be able to manage time properly.

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