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Skilled Nursing When You Need It At Home

Today’s medical professionals have extended their boundaries outside of hospitals, clinics and other institutions. Increasingly, skilled nursing takes place within the four walls of a patient’s residence. Nurses are now visiting their patients in apartments and houses across Philadelphia PA.

What Is Skilled Nursing?

Although all nurses are skilled in some capacity or another, skilled nursing is a specific term. It applies to medical care at an eminent level that is provided by only licensed professionals. This group of individuals includes:

• Registered nurses (RNs)
• Occupational therapists
• Physical therapists
• Speech therapists

This group is responsible for addressing certain needs within the population. In Philadelphia PA, the group they provide services for varies in characteristics but often is comprised of seniors.

Why Home Nursing?

Nursing within the home is not unique nor should it be. Skilled nursing may be required for several solid reasons. These include:

• Recuperating from surgery
• Following an accident
• Ongoing health issues that require care and monitoring
• Ensuring the elderly receive and take any medication properly

Skilled professionals help seniors age in place. Licensed RNs and therapists offer rehabilitative treatment for those suffering the long and short-term effects of strokes and respiratory conditions.

Skilled Nursing at Home

The placement of the elderly in a facility is not inevitable. The hiring of skilled professionals can eliminate this. Licensed medical personnel can ensure the elderly remain safely in their homes for as long as it is feasible. In doing so, they work hard to help seniors retain their health and maintain their independence.

Looking for a person-centered approach in senior care? At Caring Family Home Health, we do our best to keep seniors safe, sound and in their homes. From respite to skilled nursing services, our professionals provide it all. For more information, visit https://caringfamilyhealth.com/.

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