Simple Way to Send Money to India

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Financial Services

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One of the toughest things about living in a foreign country away from loved ones is that when a crisis or problem arises, it is often very difficult to come to their aid. What’s even harder is if those loved ones need financial help. Thankfully there are solutions available to help those who are in financial need.

It is actually very easy to send someone money in India. The first thing to understand is the exchange rate. This is how much one form of currency is worth in another country. In India, the currency is called the rupee. When you send money online to India, just do a quick lookup of the current exchange rate. Use this number as the baseline comparison for each provider for sending money to India.

Why Choose an Online portal?

One thing that some online portals offer is a guarantee on the best exchange rate. This kind of guarantee is great to have because it means that the sender does not have to worry at all about losing too much on the currency exchange. Customers can send money online to India confidently this way.

Here is an example of how the exchange rate works . Take, for example, a person living in Great Britain. They have loved ones who live in India and wish to send them money to help out back home. In this example say the average currency exchange rate is 1 GBP to 91.35 INR. This would be the baseline for comparison. Another words, look for online portals that offer a rate that is at least the equivalent, if not better.

To send money online to India, just find a suitable online portal and enter the amount of money that is to be sent. Typically there is a minimum and maximum amount of money that is allowed per transmission. Next just fill out the personal details, which might require a driving license number, passport number, or national insurance number. These details are required in order to keep things secure and free of fraud.

The final thing to do is to enter the payment information. Some online portals offer multiple forms of payment, but they can charge extra for these services. Others may just allow one form of payment and that is through an internet bank transfer.

RemitGuru provides financial services that allow people to send money online to India. The service is fast, easy, and secure with low transfer fees and exchange rates.

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