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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Reno Repair

The most obvious sign that you need Air Conditioning Reno repair, is that your air conditioner is not working. However, generally, before it gets that far, most air conditioning units give off signs that something is amiss. Unfortunately, many homeowners miss these signs, simply because they are unaware of them. If you know what the signs are that indicate you need air conditioning repair, you can get your unit repaired before it unexpectedly stops working. Here are a few of the most common signs that you need air conditioning repair.

It is Taking Longer to Cool Your Home:

One of the signs that something is wrong with your Air Conditioning in Reno area is that it is taking longer for your air conditioning unit to cool your home. Most homeowners do not know exactly how long it takes their unit to begin to cool the air circulating in their home. But, most have a general idea of how long the unit runs before it turns off. If the unit is running for an extended period of time, you will hear the unit running, and likely think to yourself that the unit has been running for a long time. This means that it is taking your unit a long time to cool your home, indicating there is a problem with the air conditioner.

The Air Conditioner is Make Strange Noises:

When your Air Conditioning Reno unit is turned on, you will hear the compressor lightly humming. However, if you start to hear strange noises, such as grinding, squealing, or screeching, when your unit turns on or is running, something is wrong. If you continue to let your unit run while these noises are present, something will break, and your unit will stop working. Turn off the unit and call a repair company if you hear bizarre noises.

Your Energy Bill is Sky Rocketing:

Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest signs to prove, because there are many appliances in your home that can cause your energy bill to increase. However, if you notice a huge jump in your bill shortly after turning your air conditioning unit on for the season, it is likely caused by your air conditioner. A unit that is in need of repair will use more energy, causing your bill to sky rocket.

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