Signs That Indicate Your Drains in Lincoln, NE, Need Cleared and Cleaned Dec20


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Signs That Indicate Your Drains in Lincoln, NE, Need Cleared and Cleaned

Clean and clear drains are essential for smooth functioning of the plumbing system in your home. It’s essential that the drainage system quickly removes the waste water from sinks, toilets, washing machine and dishwasher. Unfortunately, like other areas of your home, the drainage system can need repair. So, how do you know if it’s time for professional drain cleaning in Lincoln, NE? Here are a few symptoms to be aware that indicate the drains need cleaned.

Drainage is Slow

One of the first signs that you need Drain Dleaning in Lincoln NE is the drain failing to remove waste water. If you’ve notice the bathtub, washing machine or the sinks draining slowly or they don’t empty at all, it may be a sign of an obstruction in the pipes. You can try to plunge the clog, but if it doesn’t begin to properly drain after a few tries, it’s best to visit us online to schedule a plumber to come out and inspect the drains.

Bad Odor

If you notice an unpleasant odor, such as a sewage smell, it’s a good sign that the drain is clogged fairly far down in the pipes. It’s best to not try and plunge the drain where you are noticing an odor and you shouldn’t pour commercial drain cleaner down the drains. These steps may cause more damage to the pipes. It’s recommended that you contact your local plumber to come out to inspect the drain to determine the cause of the clog.

Fruit Flies

A build-up of sewage and food waste in a clogged pipe can attract fruit flies. These annoying flies may be a health risk should they invade your kitchen and your food. If you are noticing fruit flies in your home, it’s a good sign that they are attracted to the scent of a blockage in the drains. In order to get rid of the fruit flies, you’ll need to have the drains cleared and cleaned by a professional plumber.

Keep in mind that prevention is the best way to avoid the hassle of clogged drains. You should not use the sinks or toilets to dispose of leftover food, especially grease. Use a strainer in the kitchen sinks and bathtub to help prevent the risk of clogging producing items from going down the drain and schedule routine plumbing inspections and drain cleanings. Visit us online to learn more tips and tricks about keeping your drains from backing up.

To schedule an inspection or for drain cleaning services, contact Green’s Furnace and Plumbing Co.

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