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Signs That Commercial Roofing in Orlando, FL Should Be Replaced

When a business owner needs a new roof, they may not be aware of it until it’s nearly too late. While it’s easy to tell that a building needs a new roof when it suddenly starts leaking relentlessly, there are some other more subtle signs that might identify an issue earlier. Here are some things to look for to tell if a commercial building needs a commercial roof replacement in Orlando FL.

The first clue to check is the age of the roof. If the Commercial Roofing in Orlando FL is 20 or more years old, it may very well be time to get a roof replacement. The type of roof does play into this, however. The roofs that have the shortest lifespan are usually asphalt shingle roofs, with around a 25-year maximum lifespan. Copper roofs can last for decades longer than that but, since they are far more costly, commercial buildings don’t use them very often.

If the shingles are starting to curl up or buckle, it is a clear sign that it may be time for a new roof on the building. To evaluate this, look directly at the areas of the roof that have direct sun exposure. These are the areas where the shingles will start to fall apart fastest, and it is often the first indication that the entire roof will fail in the near future.

When there are visible valleys and dips in the roof, it is almost certainly time to consider a new roof for the building. Roof valleys often form due to excess pressure. This pressure may come with snow during the winter or from standing water during any time of the year. Damage to the roof valley is a clear sign the roof materials have been stretched to their limit. While repair may be possible, replacement of the entire roof is often the better option so that the whole roof will be in the same state.

While anyone can do a quick visual assessment of a roof, the best person to evaluate damage is a professional commercial roofer. Visit theorlandoroofingco.com to learn more about commercial roofing replacements today.

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