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Signs That a Car Needs Brake Service in Kent WA

A vehicle’s brakes are some of its most important parts. Although the engine creates power, the steering system keeps the vehicle on the road, and other systems make trips more pleasant, none of these are important if the car won’t stop. By the time most shops see a vehicle, it’s suffered severe damage and the fixes are costly. Customers can click here to learn more about the inner workings of brakes, and they’ll get some tips on bringing vehicles in for Brake Service in Kent WA.

The Importance of Hydraulics

It’s nearly impossible to compress a liquid into a smaller space, and this fact multiplies the power applied when using a hydraulic system. When the driver’s foot presses the brake pedal, brake fluid pushes the pads against the rotors, bringing the vehicle to a stop. Many parts work together to stop a vehicle, and common brake issues include:

  • Brake line leaks due to holes and cracks

  • Poor braking because of air in the lines

  • Worn pads and warped rotors

  • Failure due to heavy use

  • Loss of ABS

  • Temporary failure due to oil on rotors or brake pads

If a driver suspects or experiences any of these issues, they should take their car in for Brake Service in Kent WA immediately.

If the Brakes Fail

A sudden brake malfunction can be a terrifying experience. Hopefully this won’t happen, but if it occurs, the driver should follow the steps below.

  • Release pressure on the accelerator and look for a safe place to pull over.

  • Downshift. If the car has an automatic transmission, shift it from drive into a lower gear.

  • Use the emergency brake once the vehicle has slowed to less than 30 mph. It works independently of the regular brakes, and it should still work.

As a last-ditch effort, a driver can use a bridge railing or divider to slow the vehicle down. Alternatively, they can shift into reverse. This will suddenly stop the vehicle, but it will likely destroy its transmission. This method is the most costly, and it should be tried only if all other efforts fail.

Prevention is the Best Cure

The easiest way to solve brake problems is to avoid them. That’s why it’s important for customers to bring their vehicles in for a no-obligation inspection, just to ensure that things are working as they should.

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