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Signs Your Home Needs Sewer Repair in Philadelphia

The sewer system of a home is crucial for ushering away wastewater. Without this system in place, raw sewage can begin to back up into the home and cause the occupants to be exposed to dangerous germs. When problems begin to arise, it is imperative a homeowner can notice the signs so they will know to seek the professionals for Sewer Repair in Philadelphia.

Signs a Home Needs Sewer Repair

It is imperative a homeowner does not ignore the signs of sewer issues. The following signs are some of the most common that will begin to occur when there is a need for Sewer Repair in Philadelphia.

  • Slow drains and toilets are a telltale sign there is a problem with the sewer line. Ignoring this problem will only cause worsening issues that can become more costly to repair.
  • Many homeowners are surprised to learn lowered water pressure can be a sign of sewer line issues. Roots can sometimes penetrate the sewer lines and cause damage.
  • Pooling septic water can begin to occur when there are sewer line issues in a home. These can occur anywhere outside, where the lines are beginning to leak.
  • Strong sewer odors can also be a sign of problems with the sewer line. When the raw sewage begins leaking, it can lead to foul odors coming from the pipes and outside of the home.
  • When areas of lush green grass begin to occur, this can sometimes be caused by sewer line issues. As the raw sewage material begins seeping into the ground, this causes greater grass growth in certain areas.
  • Loud gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing should never be ignored since this can signal there is a problem in the sewer line. It could be something as simple as trapped air or a blocked line that needs to be cleared.

Call For Service

If your home is exhibiting any of the above signs, it is imperative you Contact City Plumbing. They are the plumbing experts you can rely on for all of your plumbing needs. Call them right away so you can schedule your service call.

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