Show Your Septic Tank a Little TLC Oct23


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Show Your Septic Tank a Little TLC

Most of us don’t really give much thought to what happens after we flush a toilet, but for those that have a septic tank, the water that goes down the drain is given a lot more consideration. RooterPlus is happy to offer septic maintenance in Roswell, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, but there are also a few things you can do at home to keep things running smoothly.

What is a Septic Tank

Before we can get into how to properly maintain your septic system, we have to establish exactly what a septic tank is. Basically, the septic tank is a large airtight container that is placed underground into which all the wastewater in your house flows. The water that goes down the kitchen, bathroom, and shower drains, the water that empties from the washing machine, and the water that is flushed by the toilet goes into the septic tank.

Keeping Your Septic Tank Happy

Having a happy septic tank will keep you from racking up costly repairs and also keep sewage and wastewater out of your house. So, what can you do to keep your septic tank healthy and happy?

There are a couple of very simple steps you can take to keep your system running smoothly. Never flush anything that isn’t water, waste, or toilet paper. You should never attempt to flush sanitary napkins, tampons, or baby diapers into your septic system. Also, be careful what goes down the drain, avoid pouring cooking oils or grease into the kitchen sink, and even if you have a garbage disposal, you should not use it with a septic system.

To keep everything working properly, you should also conserve water and have regular septic maintenance scheduled. RooterPlus is happy to provide maintenance and septic pumping in Roswell, Georgia area. Tanks should be pumped at regular intervals (generally 3-5 years depending on water consumption.)

Also, make sure not to drive over the septic lines or park vehicles over the septic tank. A heavy weight can damage your pipes and tank. A best practice is to have nothing but dirt and grass above your septic system.

It is also a good idea to keep accurate records of your septic maintenance. This is especially important when it comes time to sell your home, the new owners will likely want to know that the system was maintained and pumped on a regular basis. Click here for more information.

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