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Should You Outsource Your Healthcare Linens?

If you are not yet using a linen service in Saratoga, NY for your healthcare linens, have you ever considered it? Running a business in the healthcare industry seems to become more and more complicated each year, but some things should be able to be done with ease. This includes getting your healthcare linens. You know that you need linens just as much as you need water and electricity. As you know, water and electricity comes right to you…shouldn’t linens do the same? In fact, they can when you choose to outsource your linens with a high quality linen service in Saratoga, NY.

You Can Experience Significant Savings When You Outsource
Because healthcare costs are always rising and reimbursements seem to be constantly declining, many healthcare companies can truly see great savings when they partner with a linen service. If you think about all of the costs associated with your linen service in-house, you can see how it really does add up. For example, some of the costs that are associated with in-house linen care include: staffing costs, overhead costs, permit costs, equipment expenditures, maintenance costs, chemicals and soaps, the purchase of linens, utility costs and much more. It is advisable that you take some time and really look at the amount of money you are putting into keeping your linen service in house and compare that to the money you would spend by outsourcing.

You Can Save Space When You Outsource
If your company is like most healthcare organizations, you likely have a large space devoted to the laundry facilities where you wash, dry and care for your linens. On top of that, you probably have a storage area where linens are stored when not in use. Have you ever considered utilizing that space for something else? Often times, healthcare organizations will find that extra space can lead to extra revenue, something that all companies can definitely use.

Your Linens Can Be of a Higher Quality When You Outsource
Unless you are buying top of the line linens for your facility, the quality probably isn’t the best that it could be. When you choose to outsource your linen, you can get a higher quality product for your facility at a lower price than buying it on your own. It is likely that you want to help your patients to be as comfortable as possible while in your facility and higher quality linens can do the trick.

These are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider outsourcing your healthcare linens. There are, of course, many more including tax savings, insurance savings and a more environmentally friendly facility. Of course the decision is based on your individual feelings, but most companies that take a comparative look between in house linen service and outsourcing find greater benefits by outsourcing.

For excellent outsourced linen service in Saratoga, NY, give Robison & Smith, Inc a call. For more information, visit them online!

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