Should You Hire a Landscape Design Professional in Westport, Connecticut?

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Landscaping

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Individuals wishing to improve the appearance of their property may not know who to call in this situation. Do you need a landscaper, a landscape architect, or a landscape designer? The answer depends on what you wish to accomplish with the project being undertaken. A landscaper typically handles smaller jobs, such as adding or removing shrubbery or maintaining an existing landscape. A landscape architect takes on large-scale projects, such as designing a subdivision’s landscape, although they may take on smaller projects also. A landscape designer is the professional most individuals will call on to help boost their curb appeal. What do professionals handling Landscape Design in Westport CT typically do?

The Duties of a Landscape Designer

Landscape designers are frequently called in when someone is building a home to design the landscape, but they may also be used to renovate an existing property. The designer creates a plan for the entire yard and determines where plants and features should be placed. How are they able to do so? What type of training must they undergo before taking on a job of this type?

Landscape Design Training

A person working as a landscape designer has undergone training in the principles of garden design. A large part of their job is ensuring clients don’t make mistakes when it comes to the placement of plants and features on a property. They must learn about design concepts, such as unity, perspective, balance, and proportion, so the property looks well put together when the work is done. The goal is to create a design that is fully integrated in every way. Feel free to browse the website of Northeast Horticultural Services to learn more.

About Landscape Design in Westport, Connecticut, a professional landscape designer can benefit to you. This company helps clients create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that truly suits the client’s lifestyle while ensuring the plants and environment are protected. The team understands how to design a landscape that truly enhances the architecture of the home or building also. Give them a call today to discuss how they can be of assistance to you.

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