Should I Hire An Attorney To File For Social Security Disability In Missouri? Oct07


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Should I Hire An Attorney To File For Social Security Disability In Missouri?

People employed in Missouri in any type of job can become disabled, preventing them from returning to work or continuing to work. When these individuals have worked in jobs that paid into the Social Security fund, they may be eligible for benefits if they meet eligibility criteria.

These benefits are provided as long as necessary, which may include up to the time the individual can return to work, or until the disabled individual reaches the age of 65 and begins receiving retirement benefits. As these Social Security disability benefits are often the sole income for the individual, it is critical to ensure the full possible amount is obtained.

The Application Process

The process to apply for Social Security disability is not as simple as most people assume. Applicants will need proof of birth, military discharge papers, past tax returns, completing a specific report on the disability factors, medical records, and all information about any other benefits, including Workers’ Compensation.

The application itself is multiple pages, and some of the questions can be difficult to answer. Failing to answer questions or not providing the required documentation only delays the processing of the application, which is typically about six weeks.

The Reality of Denial

The national approval rate for initial Social Security disability applications is only 36%. This means almost 2/3 of the initial applications are denied. Often this is due to incomplete applications or lack of medical evidence, but it is also a case of not having the right information from the doctor.

Having an attorney involved to review the initial application is one proactive step, but if a denial is received, it is essential for people in Missouri to work with an attorney familiar with the steps in the SSD appeals process.

If you are filing for Social Security disability in Missouri, or if you have received a letter of denial, contact the legal experts at Grundy Disability Group, LLC. For more information on how we can help, see us at

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