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Serving You and Your Family in a Variety of Family Law Situations

Divorce and child custody were once the main sources of family law. Those days are gone, and you need attorneys who are knowledgeable in the issues that families in the 2020s are up against. Your Chicago family law attorney will help you navigate the paperwork, court appearances and counseling sessions for the best outcome in your case.


Sitting down to discuss a problem has become an important focus of many legal cases. Mediation occurs when a professionally trained mediator comes together with the parties involved and their attorneys and helps them to come to a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation relieves much of the stress on all parties and less money is spent in the process.

Mediation can be used in many legal situations. Divorce and child custody are common types of cases to benefit from using the services of a mediator. A mediator can help define the needs of both parties and lead them to an agreeable outcome. Money issues are often mediated with successful results.


Your family law attorney can interpret the legal jargon in your adoption case. Parental rights of the birth parents and adoptive parents will be discussed, and open adoptions are often positive for the child and all family members if that is the overall decision.

Adoptions can occur for single parents, couples of the same sex and couples of different sexes. Grandparents or other relatives can adopt children if their parents are unable or unwilling to continue to care for them.

Same-Sex Divorce

A new wrinkle in family law is divorce involving same-sex couples. The guidelines are basically the same as with heterosexual couples. The legalities of same-sex marriage are still being ironed out in some states. Illinois has ruled in favor of gay marriage, so it is an early advocate of same-sex divorce as well.

It may take a while for the laws to catch up everywhere. Your attorneys in the Chicago area keep up with new and changing laws for same-sex couples and how family law affects them. Your Chicago family law attorney is well-versed on the nuances of family law when it comes to same-sex couples regardless of the area of law in question. The emphasis is on you receiving the best legal service possible with an optimal outcome.

Prenuptial agreements, deciding on visitation days for children and dividing time with each parent, and separation and/or divorce agreements are all subjects that both gay and heterosexual couples face. Compassion and understanding of the couples regardless of sexual orientation is uppermost in the mind of your Chicago family law attorney.

Navigating Office Visits

Family law cases in the Greater Chicago area and Cook and Lake Counties can be discussed via video call or phone for the most part with as little in-person meeting as possible for the safely of all involved for the present.

Your Family Law Needs Are Their Business

Gordon & Perlut, LLC, makes it their business to stay up to date on family law. See their website at https://www.familylawadvocate.com/ and call today for a free consultation on your unique family law needs.

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