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Services Your San Diego Eye Doctor Can Perform

The health of your eyes is extremely important to your well-being and your ability to function in the world. A loss of eyesight can be very detrimental to not only your health, but to your life. To stay on top of your eye health, it is important that you see your eye doctor on a regular basis.

You eye doctor is an important part of your eye health. By undergoing regular checkups and testing, your doctor can find issues well before they become severe, allowing him or her to help control the problem before it worsens.

Your San Diego Eye Doctor can check your vision to see if you need vision correction, through different forms of testing. This should be done at least once a year, as your vision can change as you age.

Your dentist not only checks your vision, but also takes care of the health of your eyes. Through screenings for Glaucoma and Cataracts to treating for different eye infections, your Eye Doctor San Diego office is the place to go when you have an eye condition.

Most people do not start seeing an eye doctor until they notice a problem in their eyesight or eye health. This can be a big mistake and one that you should avoid by seeing your Eye Doctor San Diego at least once a year, regardless of how healthy your eyes seem. Preventing eye issues is one of the major roles of your eye doctor, but if you do not take the time to be seen, you are risking the health of your eyes.

A typical eye exam includes imagery examinations, different screening tests, and vision tests. It is important that you inform your doctor of any health issues that you have along with any medications that you take because these can cause issues with your eye health.

Taking care of your eyes begins with you, but your eye doctor plays an integral role. Through proper nutrition and routine screenings, your eyes can be healthy and your vision can stay sharper for many years to come. Make sure to visit your eye doctor and keep your eyes healthy.

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