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by | Apr 1, 2016 | Dentistry

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In Michigan, dental services are the patient’s primary line of defense against gum disease and tooth loss. These services enable a local dentist to provide treatment for common conditions that could cause further damage. They could also allow the dentist to identify conditions at an earlier stage. Through Local Dentistry in Jackson MI, patients have access to vital dental services that could save their teeth and gums.

Basic Dental Treatments and Services

Basic dental treatments and services include but aren’t limited to exams, cleanings, and fillings. The dentist performs checks annually and cleanings every six months. During these opportunities, the dentist addresses conditions that could have a negative impact on the patient’s oral care. This includes eliminating dead gum tissues that could lead to more severe conditions as well as extracting teeth that are damaged seriously.

Restorative Opportunities After Accidents

Restorative opportunities allow the dentist to repair issues that develop. This includes conditions caused by accidents or falls. The dentist may perform services such as bonding to correct fractures or chips. This allows them to reconstruct the tooth to its original state. The dentist uses a composite resin for these purposes and bonds it to the tooth with an ultraviolet light. This technique could also benefit patients with a slight alignment issue.

Cosmetic Services to Enhance the Smile

Cosmetic services are used for enhancing the smile primarily. This includes whitening treatments that remove stubborn stains from tooth enamel. The dentist determines how often the patient should receive these treatments based on the severity of staining.

Dental implants are also viable cosmetic options. These implants are used to replace missing teeth. Since the teeth are attached to a titanium root, they last longer. They are also a more secure option that dentures.

In Michigan, local residents could improve their oral hygiene by visiting their local dentist regularly. These services enable them to acquire treatment for common conditions and damaged teeth. These opportunities help them to maintain their confidence and acquire a healthier smile. Patients who need Local Dentistry in Jackson MI should schedule a consultation today or read full info here now.

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