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Services Provided Through Dental In St. Augustine, FL

In Florida, dental patients should review the real benefits of routine dental care. These services allow the dental professional to evaluate the current condition of the teeth and gums. This evaluation determines if the patient requires further treatment for underlying conditions. Through Dental in St. Augustine FL opportunities, local residents gain more effective control over tooth loss and gum disease.

The True Benefits of Routine Dental Services

Each year dental patients acquire a routine examination and cleaning. These services help the dentist to identify any condition that could threaten the teeth and gums. During the examination, the dentist may acquire x-rays of the teeth. This allows them to discover underlying damage that isn’t visible immediately.

Cleaning services allow the dentist to remove plaque and tartar build-up. These particles could lead to the development of cavities and infections. The hygienist cleans the teeth and gums completely to eliminate these threats.

Choosing the Right Repairs for Damage

The dentist possesses the right skills to identify the most appropriate repair services. For example, cavities are managed by drilling away decay and filling in the hole with a composite resin. However, if the tooth is damaged severely, additional measures may be required. This could include complete procedures such as root canals or crown installations.

Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are among the most permanent solutions for missing teeth. The dentist creates a crown that is a replica of the natural tooth. They install a titanium root with an abutment to secure the implant. The root is installed directly into the jawbone to hold it more securely.

Scheduling Extraction Surgery

Local dentists may perform extraction surgery for teeth that are beyond repair. This includes wisdom teeth that have become impacted. The dentist performs this service when there aren’t any repair options to correct tooth due to the level of damage.

In Florida, dental patients acquire brilliant solutions for dental challenges through local dentists. These solutions could include routine services that correct simple or complex damage. The dentist manages these requirements to offer healthy teeth and gums throughout the patient’s lifetime. Patients that need Dental in St. Augustine FL services should contact their preferred dentist today.

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