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Services Performed By Employment Agencies Orange For Your Company

employment agencies Orange are businesses that screen potential employees for a variety of companies. Some companies utilize these services to cut down on the cost and time associated with hiring employees. A recruiter with the employment agency instead performs these services for them.

How Does This Work?

A company that has a need for an employee to fill a job position will contact their preferred employment agencies Orange. If they have an existing contract, then the company continues to pay fees for job placement services. Otherwise, the company enters into a contract with the agency to begin the process.

Finding the Right Employee

The employment agency places an ad within the local newspaper and within job listing websites. Applicants begin to submit applications onsite and through these online venues. A recruiter reviews these applications and resumes to determine which applicants are likely candidates to fill that job position. He or she calls the candidates to schedule an interview.


The candidates are asked several questions within the interview process. These questions provide the recruiter with a general idea of who they are as a person and an employee. The recruiter collects information from the candidate pertaining to references and previous employment. After the interview is over the recruiter verifies this information and discusses the candidate with the references provided.

Second Interview

After the recruiter finds potential matches for the requirements listed by the hiring company, he or she calls a short list of candidates in for a second interview. Within this process, the candidate is tested for proficiency within areas that relate to the job duties required. She or he documents these test results and contacts the hiring company.

Drug Testing

Once the recruiter and the hiring company agree on the candidate who is best suited for the job, he or she is sent for a drug screening test. Typically, the candidate is told within a few hours of testing and is required to arrive at the testing facility at a specific time. Employment Agencies Orange may additionally perform a criminal background check at this time or after the first interview.

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