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Sell Your Scrap Metal New Jersey

Do you live in the state of New Jersey and own a large manufacturing business? Do you have large quantities of metal which you would like to get rid of but do not want to just throw to waste in the trash landfills? You can make a substantial amount of money by selling your Scrap Metal New Jersey, and why not? You might as well get a return on your disposal.

Considerations When Selling Scrap Metal New Jersey

When selling scrap metal New Jersey, there are various factors you should consider. The first is the type of metal which you are trying to sell. While prices are typically dependent on daily market prices, they also depend on what metal you want to sell. Prices vary widely by type of metal, which makes sense when you consider that different types of metals have different uses and capabilities. Prices for ferrous metals, for instance, could be five dollars extra per gross ton of iron scrap or prepared steel. Prices for non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, can be a premium of 2 cents extra per pound of copper or aluminum.

But the differences are usually more complicated than just copper and steel. The four major categories of metal for scrap purposes include ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, precious metals, and high temperature alloys. Examples of ferrous metals include plate and structural steel, #1 and #2 foundry steel, #1 and #2 heavy melting steel, cast iron borings, cast iron of various grades, bushling, clips, and machine shop turnings. Examples of non-ferrous metals are aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, EDM wire, tin, lead, and stainless. High temperature alloys include cobalt, zinc, nickel, monel, inconel, hastalloy, chromium, and titanium. Varieties of precious metals are gold, silver, lithos, x-ray, scrap film, platinum, memory chips, circuit boards, and CPUs.

On-Site Metal Processing and Analysis

If you are confused about how much your scrap metal may cost, you can go to many consulting and management businesses, which can run tests to assess your metal for pricing. There are many tests which should be performed as part of the assessment of the pricing of your Scrap Metal New Jersey, including testing capabilities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high temperature alloys, and precious metals, precise alloy testing with a niton X-Ray gun, precise metal analysis, and real time recorded data.

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