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Self-Confidence Does Not Equal Vanity

Recently, NBC Miami reported on a visit us website survey that ranked Miami as the vainest city in America. According to the survey, which was conducted by Visit us website in conjunction with Mandala Research, the majority of Miami residents who were surveyed ranked themselves as a 7 or higher on a ten-point scale when it came to their looks. According to the survey, these residents also knew the most people who have had tummy tucks, collagen injections, laser hair removal and liposuction.

The conclusions drawn by visit us website, however, are not necessarily valid. Just because people find themselves attractive does not mean they are vain; it can mean they have a healthy sense of their own beauty. Given the prevalence of ads for plastic surgery in the Miami area, as well as the fact that residents know others who have undergone plastic surgery, many Miami residents likely know what they want in terms of their looks and have the drive to achieve that look. Rather than suggesting vanity, this could imply that Miami residents are confident and assertive.

Though the social milieu in Fort Worth is markedly different than that of Miami, residents of Cowtown can be equally confident. Fort Worth residents also know what they want in terms of beauty, and likewise take the initiative to obtain it when it comes to plastic surgery. Like those surveyed by visit us website, the residents of Fort Worth want to feel confident about their physical appearance and self-assured when it comes to their looks.

The research regarding self-esteem is undeniable. Those with a healthy self-esteem and a generous dose of self-confidence are happier with their lives, more successful in their careers and enjoy a better and more fruitful social life than those with low self-esteem or self-doubt. Having a positive body image is not a source of vanity, but rather a source of good mental health. Plastic surgery can help many people attain that positive image, and therefore improve not only their psychological well-being, but their social and vocational lives as well.

If you are looking to touch up, tone-up, or augment your already good looks with plastic surgery, contact a plastic surgeon in the Fort Worth area today. It’s not a sign of vanity; instead, it is a sign that you are a self-assured go-getter who is aware of what you want and how to get it.

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