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Seeking Specialized Care from One of the MRI Centers in Your Local Area

Your primary care doctor can provide you with routine treatments for common health complaints like a cold or the flu. However, when he or she suspects that you have something more wrong with you deep inside of your body, your doctor could recommend that you undergo a scan like an MRI.

If you have never undergone one of these tests, you wonder what lies ahead for you during the appointment. You can find out ahead of time by checking out the local areas catering to Claustrophobic patients or Open MRI Centers.

Understanding the Process

To put your nerves to rest, you want to find out what will happen when you are on the table and being put into the machine. The scan itself is not painful. Even if you must have dye injected into your arteries or veins, you will not feel much if any sensation.

The biggest challenge you could face involves lying perfectly still and holding your breath for seconds at a time. The machine has a timer on it and tells you how long you must hold your breath for the scan. Most scans only require you to hold your breath for 10 seconds or less.

As a patient, you can also take charge of your own care to some degree by setting up a patient account online. You can learn more about making an appointment at one of the MRI centers online. Go to Openmrioforlando.com for information.

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