Seeking Assistance With Child Support From Jacksonville Lawyers Oct15


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Seeking Assistance With Child Support From Jacksonville Lawyers

After separating from your child’s parent, you might not know how to get the support that is needed to provide financially for your child as this should be balanced between each of you. Here are a few details to keep in mind when meeting with an attorney or filing for child support on your own.

Reasons for an Order

There are a few different reasons why you might want to have an order in place with a child support lawyer in Jacksonville, FL. One is to have the amount and frequency documented so that there are no questions from either parent. Another reason is that your child needs financial support from both parties when possible.


If you have a child support case against you but don’t think that you’re the father, then you can talk to a child support lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, to have a paternity test. If the test determines that you’re not the father, then you usually won’t be held responsible for paying support.


There are worksheets that are typically used when calculating the amount of child support that a parent will pay. The court will usually take into consideration the income of each parent, how many children each parent has, and some of the other bills that the parent has who is ordered to pay support so that a fair amount is entered. The amounts that are ordered can change if one parent has an increase or decrease in income or additional expenses involving the child.

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