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Why San Francisco Sales Coaching should be a Priority

In the sales department, most people turn to the managers for help and guidance. When the managers don’t know what to do or don’t think they have time to help, the sales team can feel neglected. Therefore, it is essential that you empower your managers through San Francisco sales coaching. While you should initially send your salespeople for outsourced coaching, the ultimate goal is to enable the managers to provide it on an as-needed basis. If you’re unsure about hiring a coach or wonder if it’s right for you, learning about the benefits can help you decide.

More Leverage

The problem is that most managers micromanage, even if they don’t realize it. In some cases, it’s how the company has always operated, so everyone thinks it’s normal. However, if the manager just tells salespeople what to do, the reps are going to go to them all the time to solve problems. Instead, you want your managers to be enablers; they give direction and advice, but let the sales reps figure things out on their own (where possible and safe). That way, the managers aren’t always pressed for time, and the salespeople feel more valued because they can think and be creative.

Improve Skills

While traditional sales training focuses on developing the skills and needs of the team, coaching is more personalized. The goal is to assess that person’s weaknesses and strengths to determine where they need to make improvements. Then, the coach works with them to build up those weaknesses and turn them into positives.

Most people feel comfortable doing certain things and may feel uncomfortable doing others. However, you want well-rounded reps, so it’s your job to ensure that they learn how to step out of their comfort zone and learn new things.

The Sales Coaching Institute is dedicated to the success of your business and its sales teams. Their San Francisco, California sales coaches each bring over 20 years of sales coaching leadership experience to ensure their credibility and commitment.

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