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by | Feb 19, 2013 | Real Estate

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RPM Management in Clackamas is the team of property managers to turn to if you want to maximize your property investment.  It does not matter whether you have a single unit or many.  RPM Management in Clackamas can save you money through the efficient methods of management gained through many years of experience.  They know that a shortened period of vacancy, the selection of high-quality tenants, cost-conscious maintenance and repair, and timely rent collection/disbursement means a higher profit for the owner.

RPM Management has honed their management tools over the years, and they know what works and what does not work.  Let’s have a look at some of the proven ways to maximize on your investment:

No vacancies:
Rental property relies exclusively on rent for its sole income stream.  Professional property managers know this, and they make it happen.  Through the use of highly refined marketing plans, the properties are kept filled with tenants of the highest caliber that reduces the possibility of default or eviction. They also know that happy tenants are the best tenants and that quick response to tenant problems is an important key to full occupancy.  Keeping good tenants happy usually means they extend their lease time after time.  Property managers know the best way to fill a vacancy is not to have one.

Short vacancies:
If and when a property does become available, speed is of the essence.  To keep the vacancy as short as possible, the team must be ready with a well-thought-out marketing scheme that has been tailored for the market.  RPM Management in Clackamas knows exactly how to generate interest in the property, and they are adept at pre-screening applicants and preparing the lease.  Every day the property sits idle is a day without cash flow.  When dealing with property management companies, look for in-depth local knowledge about the market and the applicable laws.

Great tenants:
It is a very costly and time consuming exercise to evict a tenant who does not meet their obligations under the terms of the lease.  As time passes, the unit is non-productive, and the irate tenant may be doing significant damage to the property.  To avoid this possibility, proper screening and background checks are imperative.  Knowing the applicant is gainfully employed with no detrimental credit or criminal past goes a long way in selecting a high quality tenant.  Qualifying the right tenant is an acquired skill that comes from years of experience.

Maximum money in and minimum money out equals maximum profit.  There is no way to avoid maintenance and repair, but there are ways to minimize it.  Constant awareness of the property’s condition, and the skills of competent service suppliers keep the costs down and the property in excellent shape.

To ensure that your rental properties provide you with the best possible return on your investment, work with the best; work with RPM Management in Clackamas.  Real Property Management – Oregon’s Finest can be reached at 503-850-4508.

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