Roofing Material: One Clue To Whether A Roof Replacement Is Necessary

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Roofing

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When it comes to roofs, the question tends to be: Repair or replace? While the ultimate decision rests on the actual condition of the roof, it is important to know the roof’s age as well as the materials of which it is made. By knowing these two inter-related factors, you can determine with greater certainty whether a roofing repair or roof replacement is necessary.

Basic Roofing Materials

Materials used in the construction of roofs have diverse lifespans. It is important to know what type of roof is on your home or business in Frisco, TX before you can make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace it. Below are the most common roofing materials in use.

  • Asphalt: Depending upon the quality of your shingles, your roof may last between 20 and 50 years.
  • Cedar: – The longevity of a cedar shake roof depends strongly on its environment. Moss may grow on it in a wet climate, while in a very dry climate, it may crack. Overall, cedar roofs last around 20 years.
  • Metal: Metal roofs are very reliable. Depending upon the quality of the construction and the specific metal, metal roofs can last an average of between 40-80 years.
  • Wood: – Like cedar shakes, wooden roofs are frequently dependent upon the weather. Moderate climate conditions can extend their average life expectancy of 30 years.

The Pros and Cons of a Roof Replacement

When it comes down to making that final decision — repair or replace — be sure you fully understand the pros and cons of each approach. Know the lifespan of the materials that make up your roof in Frisco, TX. If it is not a waste of money and time, repair it. If the lifespan of your roof is nigh and your home would benefit from a new roof, do not repair. In this case, a roof replacement is truly the right answer.

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